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About Rope On Slope

We are an organisation of professionals who believe that life, mountains and the two together create valuable learning experiences. These learning experiences, we have come to understand,  leave a mark full of inspirations and joy. Rope on Slope, has been founded by both professionals of the mountaineering industry in India and locals of Garhwal (Uttarakhand). Going by the name, we are the support on the journey that you choose to embark on. That rope always remains sturdy as is needed to fulfil your journey. It is knotted only when it is needed, pulled only when required and wrapped around when necessary. Rope on Slope creates these essentials for you to make your desires of travelling through the mountains, one of its kind.


Rope on Slope also believes in welcoming novice trekkers/ people who would like to explore different terrains of the mountains. We are more than willing and happy to create opportunities of learning for our amateur travellers, where we demonstrate certain skills required in a particular climb. We also believe in being prepared for an upcoming adventure, so sharing information about the kinds of accessories required will be done with you extensively. We make sure that you  acquire the required tools and also build the wholesome spirit of journeying through the HImalayan Ranges successfully.

Apart from the technical information, at Rope on Slope, we  believe in respecting the locals and their culture. It is necessary to follow certain guidelines and create an atmosphere of dual camaraderie between us and the locals. The inhabitants welcome travellers with utmost care and warmth but their protective nature also makes them wary about us. So, with a sense of responsibility, we make sure that we make you aware of the Dos and DONTs practiced in a region.

What Sets Us Apart

So, why would you choose us? Why would you choose us to experience the mighty and enigmatic HIMALAYAS ?


Rope on Slope entrusts and practices, 


1. SAFETY , we prioritise the safety and security of our clients. Our team will make sure that at any point in the travel (trek, expedition or tour) , the client’s life will be guarded completely. Also, all medical facilities are provided firsthand by our trained mountain aiders. 


2. TASK ACHIEVEMENT, is and will always be a crucial part of the journey. Our client’s task will always be completed, irrespective of any situation, unless it calls for an emergency response of modifying or editing the task. 


3. FLEXIBILITY , will always be practiced, where the client is free to express their desire to trek solo/duet/group. No where does the client feel stuck or limited in any package that is offered. YOU will always have the choice.  We respect that choice and make adjustments accordingly.


4. HYGIENE is never compromised. Not just sanitized equipment but we also keep the environment that we tread on clean. We encourage our clients to respect nature with complete compassion. We believe that nature and humans coexist. Thus, we do not adjust to our convenience when it is about sustaining and maintaining the diaspora of our journey through the mountains.

Our Mission

The power of the locals of the Himalayas  is unique. Rope and Slope lay complete faith on this power. One of its core aims is to create opportunities for the locals of the mountains. It encourages the inhabitants to utilise their own strength to upgrade their living by not compromising their respect. Encouraging and empowering the locals are essential not just for their growth but ours.


The preservation of nature stands tall for Rope on Slope. We identify ourselves very strongly with nature. So, cleanliness and conservation of the land, water, flora and fauna is our strongest mission. We DO NOT compromise on our activities to suit our needs at the cost of the environment. We also pledge to stand by it and request each one of you to practice the needful with effect to immediate action.

The contentment of our clients is one of our valuable missions which is integral to our growth. Our clients’ safety and happiness steer the organisation with the mission of  dedication and compassion. Our earnest desire is that our clients create memories of positive energy, happiness and of utmost contentment. We abide by this mission with integrity.

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