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Premium Tours and Trekking Retreats

Why Choose Us?

Four key factors set us apart from other adventure and trekking companies.


We prioritise the safety and security of our clients. Our team will make sure that at any point in the travel (trek, expedition or tour) , the client’s life will be guarded completely. Also, all medical facilities are provided firsthand by our trained mountain aiders.

Task Achievement

This is and will always be a crucial part of the journey. Our client’s task will always be completed, irrespective of any situation, unless it calls for an emergency response of modifying or editing the task.


Flexibility will always be practiced, where the client is free to express their desire to trek solo/duet/group. No where does the client feel stuck or limited in any package that is offered. YOU will always have the choice.  We respect that choice and make adjustments accordingly.


Not only sanitized equipment but we also keep the environment that we tread on clean. We encourage our clients to respect nature with complete compassion. We do not adjust to our convenience when it is about sustaining and maintaining the diaspora of our journey through the mountains.

Trip Styles

For people who love to trek and travel, Rope On Slope has something for everyone.


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Founded by the trekking professionals and locals of Gangotri Himalayas. The essence of the motto lies hidden in our organization’s name. Safety of our clients is of extreme priority, completion of the task, and the experience our clients make with us would be etched in their memory.


We specialise in adventure services in extreme situations such as cold temperatures, sliding moraines, or rainy forests. Apart from mountaineering and trekking you will also experience and explore the local tradition and the cultural life of the various Himalayan tribes with us.

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