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Duration - 6 Days, 5 Night

Grade - Easy

Season - All

Terrain - Trail

  • Explore Bhotia,Rongpa and Garhwali Culture Together

  • Visit Buddha Temple at Bagori Village

  • Visit Laal devta temple at Bagori

  • Visit Ganga Temple,Someshwar Temple and Narsingh temple at Mukhwa

  • Visit Gangotri Temple

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This is a very interesting trip where you will be observing the worldliness of two contrasting yet gorgeous villages of Uttarakhand. Bagori village consists of the Bhotia tribes who are originally from Tibet. This village has been awarded as the cleanest village in India. Once you enter the village, you will be amazed by its stature and aura. Although it is a Tibetain village, the people have also adapted some part of the Garhwali culture.

4 - 5 kms away from Bagori is the village of Mukhwa, which is known for being the second home for the idol of the Divine Goddess Ganga. It is rich for its priests and religious practices. The idol of Goddess Ganga travels from Gangotri to Mukhwa and stays there for 6 months - from Diwali to Akshaya Tritiya (auspicious day of prosperity and wealth for the Hindus). It is also a habitat for the traditional wooden houses typical to mountainous regions. It comprises the most beautiful houses.


Day 1

  • Arrival at Uttarkashi

Day 2

  • Sightseeing at Uttarkashi

  • N.I.M visit

  • Shri Vishwanath Temple visit

  • Ganga Aarti at Manikarnika Ghat

  • Shopping at Uttarkashi market

Day 3

  • Travelling from Uttarkashi to Harsil

  • Hike to Bagori village (post lunch)

  • Lunch at local home, traditional food will be served

  • Dinner and night stay at Harsil

Day 4

  • Hike to Mukhwa village

  • Devi Ganga Temple visit

  • Shri Someshwar Devta Temple visit

  • Shri Narsingh Devta Temple visit

  • Visit old ancient Panchakki

  • Traditional lunch at local home

  • Walk back to Harsil

  • Bonfire at Harsil

  • Snacks and dinner

Day 5

  • Travelling from Harsil to Gangotri

  • Visit Gangotri Temple

  • Visit Suryakund, Gaurikund

  • Visit Pandava Cave

  • Visit Art gallery, Gangotri

  • Travel back to Uttarkashi

Day 6

  • Return (Dehradun - Delhi)

What's Included

  • All The Stays and meal during the trek

  • Emergency Rescue

  • All essential permits

  • Special arrangements in all temples

What's Not Included

  • Transportation

  • Meals and Stay During Travelling to Roadhead

Trek Guidelines


  • Depending on the duration of the trek, we must pack certain essentials which our body might require - vaseline, hand creams, toilet rolls, hand sanitisers, etc.

  • For beginners, it is advisable to pack medicines meant for acute mountain sickness like nausea, headache, dehydration, fatigue and diarrhea. Please carry medicines after consulting your doctor. 

  • For people who have had two or three experiences of trekking and have experienced certain issues with their body while trekking, please consult your doctor and carry your medicines for the trek. 

  • Please do inform your trek leader about any medical illnesses which you have experienced during previous trekking experiences. 

  • To avoid itches in external hair such as beard, pain due to long toenails , it is recommended to please either cut or trim them to avoid painful trekking. 

  • For all trekkers, two weeks prior to your trekking dates, please follow stamina building exercises such as jogging, skipping and core exercises , which will enable a successful trekking experience.

  • Check all safety measures with your Trek leader and please ensure that you do not compromise on following the recommended safety measures. 

  • Please extra inners and thermals, extra gloves, extra caps> 

  • Please carry at least 4 pairs of woollen socks. 

  •  Please carry your own trekking pole. 

  •  It is advisable that you carry your own basic utensils such as a mug,  a bowl, a spoon etc. on your trek.


  • Before starting at the base, please discuss clearly with your trek leader about your trekking experiences which could be amatuer to professional. 

  • Please also inform the trek leader about any certain issues related to any illness while trekking. 

  • Before reaching the starting point at the base, please make sure that you wear clothes in three or four layers. 

  • While trekking,you might want unlayer the clothings (jacket) slowly, on reaching a rest point , please make sure to wear your jacket. This will preserve the body heat from the wind chill.

  • Keep hydrating your body during the trek by consuming water in sips and NOT in large quantities.

  • Always follow the rules of acclimatization as advised by your trek leader. 

  • Please don't skip any meals which would be provided during the trek. Eating right and sleeping well are the biggest secrets to having a fit body while you are on the trek in the mountainous terrains. 

  • Please follow the rules of LNT - LEAVE NO TRACE , for example - do not leave any kind of litter on your trekking trail or at your camp site. 

  • The aim is always to finish the entire quantity of food made on the trekking journey. If there is any quantity of food left after consuming it, it is important to bury it , so that we can avoid the visit of any animals

  • At the camp site, there will be a toilet tent provided for nature’s call, however, if you wish to not use it and would like to defecate in the open, PLEASE DIG A PIT, DEFECATE INSIDE IT and COVER IT with sand/mud or stone.


  • You can discuss the challenges you faced with your trek leader after you complete it. 

  • If you feel any kind of biological illness, please do visit and consult your doctor after the trek.

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